The Unique Facade Of LED Fluorescent Light Tubes

With the latest introduction of LED lighting fluorescent tube in the marketplace, the question of whether it is more cost-effective to continue using fluorescent bulbs or replace them with LED linear tubes have been in the minds of many customers. Having been informed of the numerous positive attributes of LEDs, a lot of customers are understandably thinking about switching, in the hope of attaining better quality and save more.

However, thinking about the cost involved in the setting up of LED lights tube, a lot of them are wondering whether there is an option wherein they can use their current linear fluorescent fixtures with the new LED bulbs, without having to spend a large amount in its installation.

In order to understand this kind of concern, you need to understand the dynamics of LED that differentiate it from fluorescents. Ballast is required to operate all fluorescent tubes. A number of LEDs may also require a ballast to operate however generally, they do not need it. LEDs on the other hand utilizes a driver which may come in different sizes thus multiple options are offered. In an attempt to make LED lights tube work with current fluorescent fixtures, LED manufacturers have launched three options to choose from.

Read on to learn what type of LED fluorescent light tubes might work best for your particular application, after thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


This kind of LED lights has an internal driver that allows it to run using existing fluorescent fixture. It is the plug and light type of LED. You can remove your fluorescent lamp and put this TYPE A LED lights tube, without having to install or rewire anything. For those who want a hassle-free installation, this is the best type of LED tube to purchase because it's just like as if you are just changing your usual tube light for another.

Alternatively, life expectancy of TYPE A LED will depend on the life span of the ballast. Thinking about the life period of an average LED light, you will probably have to change ballast more than once to keep informed of the LED light's life expectancy.


With this type of LED tubes, the ballast is either removed or bypassed. The sockets are connected with the line voltage. If you opt to use Type B LED tube, you will experience absolutely no power loss since power is direct, instead of going through the ballast. Your choice for the length of bulb and wattage is more expansive when it comes to Type B LED lights tube.

In case you opt for this type, you will have to make some modifications to the electrical system. You need to remove or rewire the sockets, and you need to ensure that everything is connected to where it must be, to ensure no malfunction of the unit. Hence, you will also have to spend more for the installation expense. The dimming function for this type of LED is limited, despite the lack of the ballast.

Type C with remote driver

In contrast to Type B, Type C led tube bulbs have an external (remote) driver which starts up the LED. With this type, there are still electrical modifications to be made although it is a lot safer as compared to Type B process. The operation needed with Type C is actually the same with the principle employed in LFLs' use of ballast and lamp. This is generally the most efficient type of LED lighting fluorescent tube and is also capable of working perfectly well with control systems. But, like Type B LED tubes, type C also requires expensive installation cost.

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